Thank you!

I am writing to thank those of you who helped on my campaign, who contacted me with questions or concerns, and who contribute to making our community stronger in all the ways that we do. I am so honored that you elected me to represent ward 3 as your city councilor. Sarah McCall and I both worked very hard over the past two months and I want to thank her for her efforts and positive campaign. While I won this election, we (including my strong supporters) should recognize that a number of people who voted on Tuesday did not vote for me, but it is my role to represent them as well. This reminds me of the considerable importance of listening to all sides of the issues we face and working with all parties on the council. This is what I am committed to. I want to continue to hear from you about your thoughts and concerns regarding ward 3 and Burlington! I will be sworn in at the beginning of April and am looking forward to getting to work. Feel free to contact me at anytime, though I will be out of town the last two weeks of March and will get back to you when I return.


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